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Easter, easter

Last Sunday, we attended sunrise service at Union Church of Manila. First time. It’s kinda fun. But I miss the egg hunting at our previous church wherein they give prizes. You know, a five hundred peso bill maybe. Haha. To my surprise there is no egg hunting and the likes. But my favorite part is there!! The Praise and Worship team!! Yeah. Ahaha Kamikaze is there. Haha. Not the real Kamikaze but the look alike : P . Though, my cousin missed it because she’s with her parents at Marinduque, having vacation. I want a vacation too!

I am still worried about what happened yesterday… I’m keeping it a secret… x_x. Until my next post, adiós


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Days Counting

FINALLY!! The school year is ending! Whew. With all that projects and requirements, still I need to survive one more week of this school year! Oh, and I’m also excited for our field trip. Funny, huh? Our principal had made the field trip this March 31, 2007. That’s next week! Hahaha!! Yey, summer is here! I wonder where’ll we go to… I wish, I’m not included in the summer classes ( -_-“). For now, I still need to finish/make our requirements to make the teachers sign our clearance. The periodic test have just ended a while ago. All of my classmates had scheduled to make their projects today. I have not joined my groupmate because I have an important matter to attend to. Eventhough, I still contributed to the group ^_^.

Just now, I was thinking of joining the P-O-K-E-M-O-N Essay/Poem Writing Contest of PKMNph. I’m going to start my essay writing at Saturday. Maybe, I’ll pass my entry next week. This proves as my loyalty to Pokemon and to PKMNph as well.

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School Yearly Endings

Monday is the root of all evil as somebody say. I agree to that. I just hate, hate, hate Mondays. I really do. But what makes me like Mondays are: it is the days I first met my new classmates, my old buddy/bestfriend, and flag ceremonies (haha). Well, another school year life is coming to an end. Definitely I should have finished my novel, “MunSci Life” at summer. But I stopped on writing because of one simple thing…, time. There are lots of homeworks, quizzes, stand at the back sessions, “plus EP for those who are reciting”, “O-give“, “give minus five for Padua and Jason, demerit keeper”, “bili kayo ng gummi!! Plus sa recitation!!“, paying for the photocopies that almost make my wallet bleed because I’m saving for the summer, MS Powerpoint presentation this, powerpoint that, Student Council elections, Saturday classes, oh my God! But all of these are finally going to end at last. Though, I think some of us won’t be classmates again next year…

I hope not. Our friendship has gone to the fullest extent because of Pokemon. That’s why we’ve made a novel that would still be a token of our friendship. The title isn’t yet definite. I have multiples of novel to make because that’s what my friends tell me to do.

Gawa ka ng limang classmates natin na may different kinds of powers. Yung parang sa WITCH“one said.

Tuloy mo yung MunSci Life mo. Ang ganda kasi, eh. Gusto daw ulit basahin ni mommy

Gawa ka fanfic ng Pokemon

Magkuwento ka tungkol sa isang kakaibang manok, yung sa Pangasinan.

Ikaw lang gumawa nito? Ang galing! Gawa ka din ng mystery, o horror, o kaya romance para kilig[!], pwede ring scifi favorite ko yun!

Bongga yung storya na may ineenter na iba-ibang worlds. Kunwari Harry Potter

*sigh* If only I could do that all at once this coming summer… Oh yeah, before I start fantasizing, I better study for the upcoming teacher’s made test this Monday *groan*

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Blogging Around

After months of blogging, I finally decided to transfer my blog to WordPress. A friend of mine introduced it to me and I saw it very easy to use and more orderly. Still, I would post at my former blog, RECA’s Flame. I hope I do more blogging at summer.

‘Til next time, see ‘ya

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